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- Homemade Mi-Cuit with Pineapple Jam
- Goat Cheese balls crumbled in "Panko" and nuts, French dressing, mustard and salad
- Warm Salad of Galician-Style Octopus with Caesar Dressing and Fried Onion Shavings
Fried squids with a mixed salad, alioli froth and tomato chucks
- Mushroom Risotto
- Shellfish Cream Risotto with King Prawns
“Ajoarriero” cod toast with squid caviar
- King Prawns with Crispy Nuts and Dried Fruit, Passion Fruit Coulis and ¨Mojo Picon¨ Vinaigrette
- Black Pudding ¨Montadito¨ with Piquillo Peppers and Potato Cream

- Mushroom and Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Courgette
- Grilled Prawns

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